Our Manifesto

We as Untad; We never deviate from our quality route to ensure absolute success and customer confidence at every stage from production to distribution. It is our success policy to prioritize hygiene with our trained employees, to follow customer requests, to adapt to the competitive conditions of the market, to produce innovations that will increase our market share, to improve the conditions of the quality management system we have established.


  • We are always the follower of the best quality wheat.
  • We will not leave until our wheat is processed and turned into delicious breads.
  • We never violate the hygiene rules in our facilities, we do not like those who violate them.
  • We never separate our bread from each other, we show the same compassion to all of them.
  • We preserve the nutritional value of wheat so that you feel safe in every slice.
  • Even when producing bread, "education is a must". we say, we choose our staff carefully.
  • "good bread, clean bread" With our principle, we produce our products untouched by hand.
  • As in any business, we know that the dough of the bread must be love and dedication.

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We always pursue the highest quality wheat. We preserve the nutritional value of wheat so that you can feel confident in every slice. Here are some healthy living suggestions.